Plumbing systems is being sanitazed using Cured in Place Pipe technology

01 авг. 19

The domestic water supply system at PJSC VSMPO-AVISMA Corporation (Sverdlovsk Region) is being repaired using modern trenchless technology.

According to the press service, 230 meters of the pipe will be put in order by the method of rehabilitation using a polymer cured in place pipe by Primus line.

"We begin dismantling the existing fittings and perform mechanical cleaning: the winch pulls from one well to itself through the pipeline a metal projectile-" ruff ", which cleans all deposits from the old pipe. Then, the Flexline is cleaned with a hydraulic machine that removes sediments and residual water from the pockets, "- says Sergey Duyev, Project Manager of the contracting company Technomet.

To make sure that the pipe is ready for rehabilitation, a mechanical "mole" is launched into it. Remote-controlled, high-tech inspection robot is able to travel underground at distances up to 150 meters and transmit a picture of the inside of the pipe to the monitor.

Then the team proceeds directly to the drawing of the future pipe. More precisely, the folded polymeric sleeve consists of three layers: the inner and outer layers of polyethylene, and Kevlar between them. If the pipeline allows, the team works without excavation "from the well to the well".

The life of this hose, and this is the warranty period from the manufacturer - 50 years. One of the characteristic advantages of the Primus line technology is the restoration of pipelines, which allows to keep the diameter, and not to reduce it, as is the case with repairs using the method of pulling polyethylene pipes of smaller diameter inside the pipe. Also, this technology is well suited for the restoration of worn pipelines with a large number of bends: Primus line copes with bends up to 45 degrees without any special problems.

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