Russia introduces a new standard for drinking water supply in 2020


By order of Russian Agency for Technical regulation and Metrology, a new national standard “Aluminum Polyoxychloride. Technical conditions” will be put in action. New standard meets the needs of manufacturers in the field of water supply.

In the preparation of potable water for surface water sources, the practically universally used stage of the technological process is clarification, the basis of which is coagulation, implemented by introducing the appropriate water treatment reagents - coagulants. And one of the most progressive coagulants, which is increasingly used, is aluminum polyoxychloride.

The presence of a standard for water treatment reagent allows to carry out uniform procedures for assessing the quality of the reagent and greatly facilitates the formation of testing programs and control of residual concentrations of potential impurities in water. In turn, the new standard meets the needs of manufacturers of the currently relevant coagulant for the preparation of drinking water and solves the following problems:

  • the formation of uniform requirements for product quality and requirements for the residual content of impurities,
  • the formation of product quality control programs for consumers at the acceptance stage,
  • presentation of standardized methods for measuring quality indicators of aluminum polyoxychloride,
  • the inadmissibility of the use of secondary raw materials for the production of aluminum polyoxychloride.

When developing a new GOST, the existing standardization documents of the European Union, China, Malaysia and several other countries were studied. Then, based on the data obtained, the entire nomenclature of the reagent that meets the term "aluminum polyoxychloride" was combined into a single standard. The new standard will come into force on May 1, 2020.

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