Russian water industry annual investment needs

Jan 13, 2020

Not a single city in the Russian Federation can boast of stable operation of the water supply and disposal systems. If funds for maintenance and elimination of emergency situations can still be found, then technical re-equipment is rarely discussed. It is impossible to achieve efficiency in the field of water supply and sanitation without the use of innovative solutions.

According to the Ministry of Construction and Municipal Complex of the Russian Federation, the annual investment needs of the water supply and sanitation sector are 200b rubles (~3b euro).

How much do major Russian cities direct to the construction and reconstruction of networks?

In the next 5 years, 4.3b rubles (60m euro) will be invested in the modernization of the water supply system of Voronezh. In 2019, RVK-Voronezh LLC has already spent 230m rubles (3.3m euro), directing funds to flush 483 km of sewer networks. It is noted that the main of the blockages is deal with violation by enterprises of the rules for the operation of water disposal networks.

Until 2025, they plan to build and reconstruct 50 km of sewerage networks, 60 km of water supply networks, and several sewage pumping stations in Krasnodar. Two new water intakes and 14 wells will be built. For this purpose, Krasnodar Vodokanal will allocate about 4.6b rubles (65m euro).

The reconstruction of the existing storm networks concerned the authorities of Nizhny Novgorod. There is only 1 km of networks for drainage for 1 sq. km of the city square, while 4 km. are required. The deterioration of the urban sewage system reaches 90%. Acts of technical inspection of the storm sewer system are ready and agreed upon, schemes have been developed taking into account the prospects for construction. It takes about 30-40b rubles (500m euro) and more than ten years to solve problems only with storm sewers.

In Primorye, repair and replacement of water supply and sewage networks is carried out as part of the regional program "Environmental Protection of the Primorsky Territory", designed until 2021. In 2019, 14 km of emergency networks, more than 750 water taps, about a thousand valves were repaired; 140 km of sewer pipes were cleaned.

The total depreciation of water supply networks in the country is more than 65%, and today the industry is faced with the task of finding solutions that give the maximum effect at the lowest cost.

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