Uchaly Mining and Metallurgical Combine will spend 19,5 mln euro on water treatment

April 06, 2020

Uchaly Mining and Metallurgical Combine constructs the second stage of industrial wastewater treatment facilities at the Uchalinsky industrial site. This is more than ten objects that will be located on the 7 hectares area. Up to 25 000 cubic meters of mine water per day will pass through them.

About 4,5 mln euro have already been allocated for the construction. The total cost of the environmental project will be about 19,5 mln euro.

Industrial effluents will be treated through the four stages of purification: two stages of neutralization with lime milk, settling in radial settling tanks and in a stabilizer pond. At all stages, the particles deposited in the water will be pumped to the active neutralization station – the sludge dewatering unit. The final stage will be deep water treatment, in which the water quality will be brought up to the standards of permissible discharges established for reservoirs of the fisheries category.

At present, several buildings of pumping stations have already been built and they are ready for installation of equipment, said Vadim Altynbayev, Deputy head of the Water supply and Sewerage section of the energy sector. According to him, two tubs for lime milk and foundations for equipment are being built in the building of the new neutralization station. With the onset of the summer period, all structures will be connected by pipelines.

When the second stage is put into operation, the treatment facilities will receive the mine water of the Uchalinsky and Novo-Uchalinsky underground mines, the Uchalinsky field, and also rainwater.

According to the plans, the construction of all second-stage facilities will be completed by 2022.

Uchaly Mining and Metallurgical Combine is an enterprise of the UMMC. The company, located in the Republic of Bashkortostan, is a major producer of copper and zinc concentrates in Russia. Consumers of products are mainly enterprises of the metallurgical complex of UMMC: PC “Sredneuralsky” copper plant, PC “Svyatogor”, PC “Elektrozinc” and PC “Chelyabinsk” zinc plant, which produce rough copper, zinc, and sulfuric acid from copper and zinc concentrates. In addition, Uchaly Mining and Metallurgical Combine is engaged in the production of lime and crushed stone.