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Learn more about the core information that willl help you to organise your participation and increase its effectiveness!  

Go through the information published on this page: they can be useful for your company preparations to the show.
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Exhibiting Materials

Please go through these materials even if you have already participated in the show.
Show these documents to colleagues whose work is connected with exhibiting at ECWATECH: it will help to avoid issues during preparations to the show.  

Marketing materials

Use ECWATECH brand to attract new clients and increase loyalty of existing customers!


Publish on your site news that your company participates in the exhibition. Regularly post information about the exhibits that you plan to show, about what is new and interesting, what will be on your stand.

Place the ECWATECH banner on your website with a link to the exhibition website! You can use one of the standard banners or request from the Organizer any one according to your requirements.

Ask the Organiser to also make a small banner that you can use as a signature in your email - let your customers and partners know that your company participates in the country's leading water forum!

If your company conducts electronic distribution, we recommend that you use this resource to inform your subscribers about participation. If you need any materials for mailings, request them from the Organizer.

You can also use the logo of the exhibition for publication on advertising modules that you place. The logo of the project can be here. To solve all the legal nuances of using the logo on printed materials, you must indicate next to it that the ECWATECH Trademark belongs to RELX LLC.

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