4 top trends in the water and wastewater treatment equipment market

07 Aug 2018

Greater efficiency and innovation are considered the primary areas of development for the water and wastewater treatment equipment market. Diminishing freshwater reserves puts additional pressure on governments to meet the cumulative demand for uninterrupted water supply. Different types of instruments are used at different stages of water treatment. Manufacturers are focused on developing innovative and highly effective products to resolve the universal issue of water shortage. Water recycling involves numerous types of equipment and instruments for activities such as the removal of impurities and sediments. Technological advancements to increase the effectiveness of these products and meet end-use requirements can positively affect their future demand.

Top trends in the water and wastewater treatment equipment market:

1. Decreased groundwater pumping
Due to the high awareness of the importance of water reuse, researchers expect a reduction in the amount of groundwater pumping. This could be a heartening sign, particularly for the amount of groundwater used in the industrial sector. Industries are expected to reduce the usage of underground aquifers. Governments and water control bodies are expected to develop systems for stern regulatory approaches to build sustainable water systems including development of centralized systems for proper distribution and design of water treatment models. Researchers expect the water and wastewater treatment sectors to lead the efforts.

2. Preparedness to boost resiliency
Frequent natural disasters can disrupt water infrastructure. As a result, key industry stakeholders have resiliency plans for such scenarios. Management of high stormwater flows requires high-capacity water treatment devices. Increased budgets for emergency situations is expected to create business opportunities for instrument manufacturers. It can also encourage budgetary reforms for the development of advanced technologies like powerless wastewater treatment.

3. Advanced wastewater reuse technologies
Although water reuse is not new for some end users, rising efforts can revolutionize water infrastructure and distribution. It can make water and wastewater treatment more cost effective as well as more sustainable. Natural water sources are not available in many semi-arid and arid areas. Water industry stakeholders focus on affordable alternatives to augment the available sources of water and to stop events like seawater intrusion and groundwater salting caused by depletion. This factor can provide recycle solutions to water and wastewater treatment operations.

4. Seawater desalination on a large scale
Scientists from across the world are working on improving the affordability of the purification of saltwater. Developing regions like the Middle East and Africa are expected to register a steady rise in the demand for these plants. This is anticipated to offer growth opportunities for key suppliers in the water and wastewater treatment equipment market. Seawater desalination is an industrial process that requires huge volumes of chemicals and energy. Hence, top companies are focused on developing innovative and eco-friendly desalination processes and machinery for long-term usage at reduced costs and environmental impact.
Effects of trends on the global market

According to the market research report published by Grand View Research, the global water and wastewater treatment equipment market can attain a valuation of around USD 103.41 billion by 2025. Continuously rising demand for freshwater from numerous end-use segments is expected to be the primary driving force behind the rapid growth of the global industry. The industry is anticipated to create significant growth opportunities for secondary and tertiary water and wastewater treatment equipment.

Source -  http://www.watertechonline.com





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